Thursday, 17 April 2014

Primavera - Ruffle Shrug for Babies

Primavera (i.e., "Spring" in Portuguese). That elusive time of year when your nose is constantly running, you kind of itch all over and you begin to live. You start spending more time outdoors, you relish the sun and babies begin to show those wonderful baby rolls. But that doesn't mean that you no longer need some warmth. This is where this cute shrug comes into play. Designed to be crocheted in cotton, it is simple but cute, adding just that extra-layer (much needed during Spring or even during Summer/Autumn). So, grab your hook and yarn and go!

Primavera - Ruffle Shrug for Babies


6 months, 12 months, 18 months, 2 years
(shown here in 6 month size) 


  • 100/125/150/200 mt of worsted cotton yarn (shown in Rowan Classic Cotton Jeans);
  • 5.5 mm/I hook;
  • 5/6 buttons.


Instructions are for the smaller size, with changes for the larger size noted in parentheses as necessary.
  • Foundation Row: Chain 43 (47, 49, 53). 
  • Row 1: Dc in 3rd chain from hook and next 2 (2, 3, 3) ch, 3 dc in next chain (increase corner made), dc in next 6 ch, 3 dc in next chain (increase corner made), dc in next 12 (14, 14, 16) ch, 3 dc in next chain (increase corner made), dc in next 6 ch, 3 dc in next chain (increase corner made), dc in next 10 (12, 12, 14). Chain 3 (counts as dc here and throughout), turn.
  • Row 2: *work dc until you reach the middle st of previous corner, 3 dc* - repeat 3 more times.
  • Repeat row 2 until you reach row 6 (7, 8, 8).
  • Divide-for-Sleeves Row (or Row 7, 8, 8, 9) - dc until the first st of the corner from the previous row, 2dctog, joining the middle st of the 1st corner with the middle st of the 2nd corner, dc until the first st of the 3rd corner from the previous row, 2dctog, joining the middle st of the 3rd corner with the middle st of the 4th corner, dc to end, chain 3, turn.
  • Next Row: Dc in each st across, Ch3, turn. Repeat this row 0 (1, 2, 3) more times.
  • For the ruffle: 
    • Ch 1, sc across. Chain 3 turn.
    • Chain 4, 1 dc in first sc, chain 1, *1 dc, ch 1, 1 dc, ch 1* in each sc across. Break off yarn. 
  • For the sleeves:
    • Attach yarn to the middle stitch of armpit at the back. Chain 3, dc across, picking up 2 stitches for each horizontal dc at underarm, for a total of 24 (26, 28, 30) st.
    • Dc in each st across. Join with sl st to begin of round. Repeat this row 0 (1, 2, 2) more times.
    • Chain 1, sc in same st, *ch 1, sk 1, 1 sc* until the end. Join with slip st to beginning of row. Sl st to first chain space. Repeat row 2 more times.
  • Sow button on 1st row and on every other row.
  • Weave in ends. Grab pretty baby. Put on shrug. Tear up due to cuteness overload.

(C) - All rights reserved. 
You have permission to sell any finished item you make using this copyrighted pattern. However, you may not reproduce, sell, adapt, modify, communicate to the public, reproduce or otherwise use any part of this pattern, because that would be super uncool! Any other questions or doubts, please let me know @!

Monday, 7 April 2014

Zip It! - One Skein, One-hour Zippered Crochet Cowl

Say "Hi" to the Anarchist!

And, I'm back! After almost 2 weeks (2 WEEKS) stuck in an apparently endless job, I'm "free" once again. And, obviously, I need to compensate my abstinence by knitting/crocheting every bit of yarn in sight! I was particularly drawn to this boucle orange yarn I bought for 37 cents a skein (I kid you not). I kind of love it and hate it, all at the same time. Could I possibly be able to do something pretty - or at least functional - out of it? I went for a cowl. A quick-to-make, one skein, one-hour cowl. The zipper was added later as a sort of architectural element (wow, don't I sound pretentious?). Well, I think it turned out cool. I wish I had a prettier zipper (one of those gold-like ones), but whatever. I was in "Crochet-Frenzy" mode!

E estou de volta! Depois de quase 2 semanas (2 SEMANAS) presa a um trabalho que aparentemente não tinha fim, estou "livre" novamente. E, obviamente, tive de compensar a minha abstinência tricotando/crochetando todos os bocados de fio que foram aparecendo! Especificamente, este fio, cor-de-laranja, bouclé, que comprei por 20 cêntimos (não estou a brincar). Tenho uma espécie de relação amor/ódio com este fio. Será que consigo fazer algo bonito - ou pelo menos funcional - com isto? Decidi-me por uma gola. Uma gola rápida-a-fazer, de-um-novelo, de-uma-hora. O fecho foi acrescentado depois como uma espécie de elemento arquitectónico (chiça, que pedante pareço!). Bem, penso que até ficou fixe. Queria ter posto um fecho mais bonito (daqueles tipo dourados), mas, não interessa, estava no meio de um "Frenesim de Crochet!

Zip it - One Skein Zippered Crochet Cowl


    • 60 gr. of worsted bouclé yarn;
    • 6 mm/J hook;
    • 12-inch zipper.


    • Foundation Row: Chain 66. Do not join.
    • Row 1: 1 dc in 3rd chain from hook, dc across.
    • Row 2: Chain 3, dc across;
    • Row 3: Chain 5 (counts as dc + ch 2), 1 dc in 3rd st, *chain 2, sk 2, 1 dc*, ending with a dc on top of the turning chain. 
    • Row 4: Chain 3, dc across (placing 2 dc in each ch 2 space - for neater results, crochet into the chains and not below);
    • Row 5: Chain 3, dc across.
    • Repeat Rows 3-5 2 times.
    • Weave in your ends.
    • To attach zipper: using safety pins, place one side of the closed zipper tape to one side of the cowl (I opted for sewing the zipper on the outside, so this is even easier). Grab your needle and threat, sew the piece and the zipper tape. Pin and sew the other side following the same directions. If you want, you can obviously sew the ends.   

    Zip it - Gola em Crochet de um Novelo, com Fecho


    • 60 gr. de fio para agulhas 5 (worsted) bouclé.
    • agulha de 6 mm;
    • Fecho de 25 cm.


    • Montar 66 malhas corridas. Não junte.
    • Carreira 1: 1 bride simples (bs) na 3ª malha a contar da agulha, 1 bs em todas as malhas.
    • Carreira 2: 3 malhas corridas, 1 bs em cada ponto anterior.
    • Carreira 3: 5 malhas corridas (conta como bs + 2 mc), 1 bs na terceira bride simples da volta anterior, *2 malhas corridas (mc), saltar 2, 1 bs*, terminando com uma bs em cima das malhas corridas para voltar.
    • Carreira 4: 3 malhas corridas, 1 bs em cada ponto anterior (2 bs em cada espaço de 2-mc – para um resultado mais bonito, crochete dentro da mc e não abaixo);
    • Chain 3, dc across (placing 2 dc in each ch 2 space - for neater results, crochet into the chains and not below);
    • Carreira 5: 3 malhas corridas, 1 bs em cada ponto anterior.
    • Repetir as Carreiras 3-5 2 vezes.
    • Remate o trabalho.
    • Para colocar o fecho: com a ajuda de alfinetes, coloque um lado do fecho fechado de um dos lados da gola (eu optei por cozer o fecho por fora, portanto, ainda é mais fácil). Pegue na agulha e fio e coza a peça e o fecho. Proceda da mesma forma para o outro lado. Se preferir, pode rematar as pontas do fecho.