Thursday, 27 February 2014

How to pick "random" colours for granny motifs - Tutorial

How to pick "random" colours for granny motifs

At first sight, you may think that the colours on those beautiful crochet grannies blankets are completely random and that the people crocheting them simply and randomly picked up the colours they had at hand. Well, that's not entirely true. The "oh-so-random-look" of the granny squares is often intentional, i.e., most crocheters like their colour choices to appear random, but they plan it that way... What? Planning randomness? What is this madness, I hear you ask? Well, it is the truth. But have no fear, I'll guide you through the easy, simple process.

(Note: if you need help choosing the colours to begin with, there are some tools I find helpful:
  1. Always choose one colour for the last row of every motif. White is often the colour of choice for this, but, for a baby blanket, for instance, you may opt for the classical pink or blue or even a light grey;
  2. Choosing the remaining colours:
    1. COLOURlovers: Website with more than 3 million user-created color palettes to inspire your ideas;
    2. Design Seeds: the palettes are often accompanied by inspirational images, so the website is really, really cool;
    3. ColorCombos: scroll down to find thousands of palettes, often quite vivid and colourful).

After deciding on your colours and your motif (by the way, have you seen my Granny, Meet the Stripes square?), it's time to create randomness... My tool of choice to create colour-madness is this one:
Granny Squares Color Pattern Generator

Well, as the name says, this website will help randomize the colours you will be using for your granny project. You will need:
- to know the size of your project (width, height);
- to know the colours you will be using in the project (I suggest one for the "border", which will be used in the last round of every motif, and 7/8 additional ones).
My next "granny project" is going to be a granny hexagon top for Little A., but this will still do the trick. I will be needing 18 hexagons and will be using 3 colours per motif (border will be always white). So:

And now, we will be dealing with the colours. I'm using 8 different colours (not counting with the white, since this will only be used in the last round of the hexagon - were I to put it here, and it would also be randomized) and so the next step will be to choose the colours, clicking the black square to open the colour palette and clicking on "add another" when it's time to move unto the next one. My colours look like this:

And let's click GENERATE! :)

My end result is this:

And I guess I'm pretty happy with it. It has the right amount of each colour and I am able to already see the white limiting and linking each motif. The best part is that if you're not happy with the "final" look, you can always compulsively hit the "Generate" button until you are happy with your "totally-not-planned" randomness. With my colours, here are some other possibilities:

So, now, go, spend the next couple of hours at, choosing your randomness and dreaming of yarn! :)

Monday, 24 February 2014

Angel Wings Pinafore

I can't believe this is my first take on this all-time-favourite classic pattern! Couldn't be happier with the result, so much so that I'm actually considering increasing it to fit Little A. Pattern can be found here.
Nem acredito que foi a primeira vez que fiz este modelo, clássico e o favorito de toda a gente nas internets. Não podia estar mais satisfeita com o resultado, de tal forma que estou a considerar aumentar o modelo para servir à Little A. O modelo, em inglês, pode ser encontrado aqui.

Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Yarn Giveaway

To help the page reach 500 likes, I am hosting the very first Yarn Giveaway!
For a chance to win this skein of Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca, here's what you need to do:
1. 1. Like the page (;
2. Join the event (;
3. Invite friends who might be interested both in the page and in the event.
The winner will be selected randomly via Fanpagekarma when we reach 500 likes!
Any queries, please send me a private message.
Good luck!

Para ajudar a página a atingir os 500 likes, estou a organizar o primeiro "Yarn Giveaway!
Para poder ganhar este novelo de Malabrigo Baby Silkpaca, tem de:
1. Gostar da página (;;
2. Juntar-se ao evento
3. Convidar amig@s que possam ter interesse quer pela página, quer pelo evento.
O vencedor será seleccionado aleatoriamente através do Fanpagekarma quando atingirmos os 500 likes!
Qualquer questão, por favor, envie mensagem privada.
Boa sorte!

Monday, 17 February 2014

The problem with having loads of sweaters / O problema que é ter montes de camisolas

Here's the problem with having loads of crocheted/knitted things for your baby, particularly if you opt for doing something larger in size, for the future: you forget about things. Luckily, Little A. is extremely curious and is now going through a phase "oh-let-me-find-out-what-hidden-treasures-lie-hidden-in-this-drawer". Today, she pulled out this little number: an adorable crocheted sweater.
It's a free pattern (even better) by Laura Tegg, available as a free Ravelry download (find it here). The yarn used is by a very cool Portuguese brand - Rosarios4. Check out their website here.
O problema de ter montes e montes de camisolas em crochet/em tricot, especialmente se decidimos fazer alguma coisa num tamanho acima, para o futuro, é este: esquecemo-nos das coisas. Felizmente, a Little A. é extremamente curiosa e anda numa fase de "oh-deixa-me-ver-que-tesouros-escondidos-estão-guardados-nesta-gaveta". Hoje, tirou este coelho da cartola: uma camisola em crochet adorável.
O modelo é gratuiro (melhor ainda), da Laura Tegg, disponível para download no Ravelry (aqui). O fio utilizado é da Rosários4. Visitem o site aqui.

Thursday, 13 February 2014

Granny, Meet the Stripes - Free Crochet Pattern for a 8" Granny Square


I'm sure it's not new. I'm sure that someone, somewhere, has had the same idea. But yesterday, as I was playing with yarn, I decided to entertain this idea: what would you get if you mixed a "traditional" granny square with the "solid" granny square? The answer is a very cool motif.
I decided to called it "Granny, Meet the Stripes", because it does create a nice stripey effect. The next step will probably attempt to make an baby afghan out of this (I only need to find out where I should just continue with the pattern - thus creating a 24" square, for instance - or to make several squares and sew them (oh, the horror) together. For the time being, we have this:

And unto to the pattern we go.

Granny, Meet the Stripes - An 8" Square


- 25 gr of worsted weight yarn, in Colour A (CA);
- 50 gr of worsted weight yarn, in Colour B (CB - the solid section);
(Obviously, you can choose to use as many colours as you like. It's a free world, you're the owner of your crochet and life is too short to follow directions).
- 5mm/H hook.


Foundation: With CA, chain 4, join to form a circle.
Round 1: Ch. 3, 2 dc, ch 2, (3 dc, ch 2) 3 times, sl st to join to the 3rd chain stitch from foundation loop. Do not turn.
Round 2: Slip stitch to the next chain-2 space. Ch 3, 2 dc in space, ch 2 to form corner, 3 dc in same space, ch 1, (3 dc in next space, ch 2 to form corner, 3 dc in same space, ch 1) 3 times, sl st to join to the 3rd chain stitch. Break off yarn. Do not turn.
Round 3: Grab your CB and attach it to the chain-2-space in one of the corners. Ch. 2, 1 dc, ch 2, 2 dc, work 1 dc in every dc and chain 1 (7 dc in each solid section, not counting with the corners), *2 dc in space, ch 2 to form corner, 2 dc in same space, work 1 dc in every dc and chain 1. Do not turn.
Round 4: Slip stitch to the next chain-2 space. Repeat round 3 (11 dc in each solid section, not counting with the corners). Break off yarn. Do not turn.
Round 5: Again with CA, attach yarn to the chain-2-space in one of the corners. Ch. 3, 2 dc, ch 2, 3 dc, (ch 1, skip 3 dc, 3 dc in next st) 3 times, (3 dc in next space, ch 2, 3 dc in same space, ch 1, skip 3 dc, 3 dc in next st x 3 times) 3 times);
Round 6: Slip stitch to the next chain-2 space. Ch 3, 2 dc in space, ch 2 to form corner, 3 dc in same space, (ch 1, 3 dc in chain-1 space, ch 1 x 4 times, 3 dc in next space, ch 2, 3 dc in same space) repeat until the end of the round. Break off yarn. Do not turn.
Round 7:  Repeat round 3 (23 dc in each solid section, not counting with the corners).
Round 8: Repeat round 4 (27 dc in each solid section, not counting with the corners). Break off yarn. Weave in ends. Start thinking about what colours you will be using on the next one... And Granny has finally met the Stripes!

 (I always like to educate my patterns by allowing them to read Art Books. :) )

(C) - All rights reserved. 
You have permission to sell any finished item you make using this copyrighted pattern. However, you may not reproduce, sell, adapt, modify, communicate to the public, reproduce or otherwise use any part of this pattern, because that would be super uncool! Any other questions or doubts, please let me know @!

Saturday, 8 February 2014

Neckwarmer for Little A./Gola para a Little A.

Little A. has a kind-of-problem with sleeves. Always had. So, to keep her warm, one needs to be inventive. I came across this glorious idea by Drops Garnstudio and I couldn't be happier with the end result. Everyone turns their head to look at the neckwarmer and yesterday at the yarn store I even had to do a quick workshop on how to make the cowl. I'm not totally crazy about the colours (self-striping sport yarn by Ice Yarns), but I think I'm in love with the piece, nevertheless.
The pattern is free and can be found here:
A Little A. tem uma-espécie-de-problema com mangas. Sempre teve. Por isso, para a manter quente, precisamos de ser inventivos. Encontrei este fantástico modelo da autoria da Drops Garnstudio e não posso estar mais satisfeita com os resultados finais. Toda a gente fica a olhar para a gola e ontem, na retrosaria, até tive de dar uma aula rápida sobre como fazer a gola. Não gosto particularmente das cores do fio (fio que faz as riscas sozinho, do tipo sport, da Ice Yarns), mas acho que estou apaixonada pela peça.
O modelo é gratuito, disponível em português e pode ser encontrado aqui:
PS: Se quiserem fio Fabel da Drops, não se esqueçam de ir à Bolas de Tons! :)